Saturday, April 14, 2012

The rain doesn't stop us!

It was pouring and on...but that didn't stop us because...
We love the Zoo!
We have a different experience each time we go to visit!
It is one of our favorite places for sure :)
The Tigers were all aseep but one who was walking back and forth huffing at us as he passed by us each time. We couldn't decide if this was a friendly greeting or a warning!

This little monkey loved our attention! He loved us to tap on the glass with our umbrella or our hands.

This snake was acting like it wanted to strike us!

This snake had its rattle shaking the whole time we were looking at it. We could even hear the rattle through the glass. The snake coiled up and puffed itself up as it became more frustrated at our presence.... and so Jay, Trey, and Jayme decided to provoke it even more by tapping on the glass :) 

Trey and Dad hanging out with the giraffe's
This giraffe loved hangin' out with us!
The umbrella was a huge interest to the giraffe... who kept licking it! Jay said that the giraffe's tongue was so strong, he had to hold on to his umbrella tight since that giraffe could have pulled it right away! My phone camera didn't get the best picture. There were times where that umbrella was straight up in the air as the giraffe was pulling at it- The giraffe tasted Jays umbrella a few different times during our visit! It was great!

We can't wait to go back to the Zoo again!

Jay took us to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner and then to Coldstone for some icecream.
He has made springbreak fun for the kids and made some fun family memories to last us for a long time :) 

And a side note about Jay. We are so proud of him! He has been so busy each night with school for the past 9 months. He just recently passed his 3rd certification! He only has one more to go and then he is done. He will be finishing up with his schooling in the next couple of months... mid summer for sure. We are so happy that he is doing well and that he is enjoying all that he is learning in this new field of study!