Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Break....

SPRING BREAK has been such a relaxing week so far! We are feeling ourselves just enjoy the extra time off. A couple days ago, we spontaneously decided to go and check out the new "City Creek" outlet mall area in SaltLake City. It was such a great time!
Then, tonight, we enjoyed going to Nicole's bridal shower. I posted my pics down below. I can't wait to see Ashley's photos because I was watching her take them during the party and I could tell they were really going to be great! She also took a group shot of us, so I might have to snatch a photo soon from her blog! ;)
City Creek was super cool!
We loved all the different water fountains :)

Trey's toy he bought there!
He spent the rest of the time having
it "lick" our faces :)

We watched a movie "Wrath of the Titans"
at the IMAX at the Planetarium
Nicole and Heidi at Nicoles bridal shower!!

Sydna's house is so pretty!
And, she did such an amazing job with
the decorations and the food...and just everything!
What a fun night!

We all had such a great time visiting together
and enjoying eachother's company!