Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter !!!

We had an easter egg hunt! The kids loved it!!!

Our egg hunt was awesome! :)

The easter bunny showed up and did not disappoint...

"texting bunny"

We started off our easter with finding hidden easter baskets and then watching "The Testament." This is always helpful in getting our thought centered on the true meaning of Easter! 
We are so humbled when thinking about Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us all.
"He is Risen"

The easter baskets full of candy were yummy throughout the rest of the day as we enjoyed lots of family time together

After Church, we took a drive up the canyon to enjoy the sunshine day. This is Timp!! And it stood tall and beautiful for us on our drive.

Jayme snapping pics

Trey looking at the waterfall through the fence with Jay

With my pretty Jayme!

My two handsome boys!

With my little buddy Trey!

So pretty!

Jay and Trey "rolling" easter eggs!
Since the incline was too steep, these boys just tossed the eggs up the hill and watched them roll back down to them.
 It proved to be a success!

The sun was setting as we drove back home. What a beautiful way to end our easter day together