Friday, May 25, 2012

SOLAR eclipse

We had an exciting night as the time grew closer to be able to see the solar eclipse this past week. The kids were so excited and were busy getting ready...
The kids were amazing as they put together
a way to watch the solar eclipse safely with this
board with holes in it where the sun could shine
through and create the solar eclipse image

They held up a paper up for the sun to shine and reflect through
the holes on the worked!

yay! Lots of tiny solar eclipses!

Shaun and Macy
Kass and Jay doing a photo shoot for Jayme

The kids asked Jay and I to do tricks

Jay's friend took these with his awesome camera!


Megan doing trampoline tricks

Kim making treats

We sure do love our kids! And we so much enjoyed sharing this
fun memory of seeing the solar eclipse with them :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Awards and such...

I went with Jayme to her Honor's night tonight...
Jayme is such a good girl and such a good student too!
She always works hard in school and makes sure she
is on the Honor roll. We had a fun night
tonight attending the program for the honor's students.
Afterward, Jayme and I went and celebrated with
a treat at one of our favorite places, Orange Leaf!

I love Jayme and am so proud of her and all of
her effort this whole past school year and with
everything else that she does!

I am also so proud of Trey :)
Tonight while Jayme and I were over at her
Honors night, Jay was with Trey at Pack meeting
where Trey was earning rewards that he has
worked so hard for :)

Trey makes a good outlaw :)
They took these pics at Pack meeting and told
the kids to make their best bad-guy faces :)

Trey brought this award home from school this
week and was so excited to have an award

I love my kids so much and am so proud of them
in everything they do!

J DAWGS....yum!

This is a picture of my co-worker Bev walking in front of me. We are having a fun, spontaneous lunch with some other co-workers/friends at the one and only J DAWGS...yum!!
See the little shack there? That is where J Dawgs was
serving it's loyal customers when it first went
into business ;)

 And these are words taken off of the official J Dawgs website that explains what J DAWGS is all about:
"Lets take a trip back in time. It’s 2004. “J” is going to school, working on the grounds crew at BYU, and doesn’t have a whole lot going on in his life. He has no car, no girlfriend, no money to speak of, and no job prospects for when he finishes his bachelor’s degree. One day he passes a small, abandoned red shack. It’s falling apart and covered in concert posters. “That’d be a great spot for a hot dog stand,” J thinks."

"In a few short years, J Dawgs has gained legendary status with a cult-like following. Part of its charm comes from its history—the brainchild of a creative, but broke and somewhat directionless university student. Jayson, known as “J” scrapped together whatever money he could find, dropped out of school, and opened J Dawgs in the summer of 2004 in a small and simple 12×12 abandoned shack. From those humble beginnings, J Dawgs has grown to open a new indoor location, serve hundreds of fans a day, and has opened another store and anticipates opening new stores in the near future."

MY DAWG!!!!..with special sauce!

my chair next to Jay's. Brook, Bev, and Kathy :)
We had such a yummy lunch there. I love J Dawgs and can't
wait to go back again.
Ok, and seriously, I want a SHIRT from there!!
so cute!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Last game

Today was Trey's final soccer game. It has been such a great time!
Trey had fun playing this year and also meeting new friends!

Team huddle! squish!!

Trey is awsome out there on the field!
He can really hustle...he is such
a fast runner!! He loves to get right
in the game and get to the ball!

We loved watching Trey play soccer this year!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

One Lucky MOM!

Today was MOTHER'S DAY !!!...and it was a such a great day :)

I DO tend to get pampered each year on Mother's Day and so I kinda can't help but to look forward to it every year :)

But, it is also so great because the week before, I think alot about both my moms: My mom and Jay's mom! They are both wonderful women and so it is more than easy to feel so much love for them and to be completely grateful for them! They love and support me and my little family so much! I wouldn't be such a strong women and mother without both of their amazing examples to me...and their care for me and my family! I love them both!

So, I also love Jeff R Holland. And, I love what he says here...

"If you try your best to be the best parent you can be, you will have done all that a human being can do and all that God expects you to do".

There are some lines attributed to Victor Hugo which read:
“She broke the bread into two fragments and gave them to her children, who ate with eagerness.
‘She hath kept none for herself,’ grumbled the sergeant.
“‘Because she is not hungry,’ said a soldier.
“‘No,’ said the sergeant, ‘because she is a mother.’”

I am such a lucky mom! I am truly and totally addicted to and in love with both my amazing kids! I am so proud of them and all that they continually accomplish! They both work so hard in their school subjects and all else that they are involved in :)

And, they love to help me celebrate my being their mother :)

I was so excited to get my first gift! It is a hand-made
journal from Trey that he made in his 4th grade
school class last week! I LOVE journals!

This is the front of the card Trey gave me :) He knew
that I had been asking for Jay to find me
an AVENGER's shirt for a gift idea for
mothers day :)

...and this is the inside of Treys card...

...and this is the back of the card!'s all the AVENGERS! ;)

Then, this morning, the kids and Jay spoiled me with
gifts! Look at this cute AVENGERS shirt they found!
And, Jayme gifted me this foot heater/massager!

Of course Trey got me M&M's :) yum

...and of course my Trey got his mama some
pretty flowers! He has learned from his dad that a
girl loves flowers! He is a good learner!! :)...
oh, and see those cute earrings?...those would be from
my stylish Jayme! She is a good gift-giver too and knows
how to spoil her mother :)

We enjoyed hearing our primary kids sing to all the mom's
in the congregation at church and then passed each of us a
king-size kitkat candy bar ...of which I shared with the family...
because that's what mom's just do!! :) 

I love my kids so much and I love Jay too! They always make mother's day (and everyday) so wonderful for me as they let me know how much they love me! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family!!