Thursday, May 24, 2012

Awards and such...

I went with Jayme to her Honor's night tonight...
Jayme is such a good girl and such a good student too!
She always works hard in school and makes sure she
is on the Honor roll. We had a fun night
tonight attending the program for the honor's students.
Afterward, Jayme and I went and celebrated with
a treat at one of our favorite places, Orange Leaf!

I love Jayme and am so proud of her and all of
her effort this whole past school year and with
everything else that she does!

I am also so proud of Trey :)
Tonight while Jayme and I were over at her
Honors night, Jay was with Trey at Pack meeting
where Trey was earning rewards that he has
worked so hard for :)

Trey makes a good outlaw :)
They took these pics at Pack meeting and told
the kids to make their best bad-guy faces :)

Trey brought this award home from school this
week and was so excited to have an award

I love my kids so much and am so proud of them
in everything they do!