Thursday, May 24, 2012

J DAWGS....yum!

This is a picture of my co-worker Bev walking in front of me. We are having a fun, spontaneous lunch with some other co-workers/friends at the one and only J DAWGS...yum!!
See the little shack there? That is where J Dawgs was
serving it's loyal customers when it first went
into business ;)

 And these are words taken off of the official J Dawgs website that explains what J DAWGS is all about:
"Lets take a trip back in time. It’s 2004. “J” is going to school, working on the grounds crew at BYU, and doesn’t have a whole lot going on in his life. He has no car, no girlfriend, no money to speak of, and no job prospects for when he finishes his bachelor’s degree. One day he passes a small, abandoned red shack. It’s falling apart and covered in concert posters. “That’d be a great spot for a hot dog stand,” J thinks."

"In a few short years, J Dawgs has gained legendary status with a cult-like following. Part of its charm comes from its history—the brainchild of a creative, but broke and somewhat directionless university student. Jayson, known as “J” scrapped together whatever money he could find, dropped out of school, and opened J Dawgs in the summer of 2004 in a small and simple 12×12 abandoned shack. From those humble beginnings, J Dawgs has grown to open a new indoor location, serve hundreds of fans a day, and has opened another store and anticipates opening new stores in the near future."

MY DAWG!!!!..with special sauce!

my chair next to Jay's. Brook, Bev, and Kathy :)
We had such a yummy lunch there. I love J Dawgs and can't
wait to go back again.
Ok, and seriously, I want a SHIRT from there!!
so cute!