Friday, May 25, 2012

SOLAR eclipse

We had an exciting night as the time grew closer to be able to see the solar eclipse this past week. The kids were so excited and were busy getting ready...
The kids were amazing as they put together
a way to watch the solar eclipse safely with this
board with holes in it where the sun could shine
through and create the solar eclipse image

They held up a paper up for the sun to shine and reflect through
the holes on the worked!

yay! Lots of tiny solar eclipses!

Shaun and Macy
Kass and Jay doing a photo shoot for Jayme

The kids asked Jay and I to do tricks

Jay's friend took these with his awesome camera!


Megan doing trampoline tricks

Kim making treats

We sure do love our kids! And we so much enjoyed sharing this
fun memory of seeing the solar eclipse with them :)