Friday, June 1, 2012

cabin party over Memorial weekend :)

Brian and Sharla host so many fun party's
 at their cabin in Sundance!
What fun we all have!!

sis-in-law (Sharla) telling us all that it's time to CHOW down!

Jayme talking with cousin Kolby

Brian and Jay BBQ a great meal!! yum!

snapped a quick picture of the view out the window

Jay visiting with my brother (Brian) and my sis-in-law (Donna)

my brother, Ryan, with his daughters

The driveway goes right over this creek

My brothers (Ryan, Brian, and Curt),
and Donna (sis-in-law), Heidi (niece), and Dad!

Jayme with her cousins: Shaylee, Kassidy, and Erin

Sydna (sis-in-law), Nate (brother), me, Alisha (sis-in-law)
I snapped a quick picture of compfy movie room
before the lights were turned off
and the TV watching began

So fun to relax and enjoy the company of family
such a pretty view inside and outside of the cabin :)

Every room is picture worthy, I just always
get visiting and forget to keep snapping photos!! :) hee hee

Well, it was sad to say goodbye to everyone
as we all left one by one that evening as memorial
weekend came to an end. But, we can't wait
until we are able to get together again!

I don't think there is anything better than FAMILY ;)