Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Graduation !!

So, we started off with Kolby's Highschool Graduation from Lehi High !

Kolbs and Jay looking
so serious for this shot!

Nielson family
So excited to have their first highschool

(Kass, Krysta, Kolby, and Kevin)
Next is Kevin's graduation from Alta Highschool...

We went to the graduation and had to leave before it was over...but we were so excited to be there for a bit of it!

Kevin and his sisters...so cute!
They are so proud of their big brother!
Krysta actually just graduated from UVU from the dental Hygiene program! So proud of her too!!
proud parents

This is up in Layton at Gages Highschool Graduation
(Jay, Grandma Darleen, and Grandpa Fox)

Thomas family with their first Highschool graduate!

Granpa Fox is so cute
holding Grandmas purse
for her!
We went to eat after the
graduation at a yummy
chinese restaurant

Trey and Rylund playing a game
of basketball with Jay at Uncle
Jim's house after Gages

Uncle Jim

little Mae Joe

Rylund, Trey, and Gage at the girls dance
recital. Gage is so sweet to come after his
grauation and before his all-night highschool party!

Out for icecream after the dance performances

Grandpa Fox showing off his yummy ice cream treat!
We sure had fun celebrating with the
graduates (we felt sad that we missed attending Krysta's and Christian's graduations) and we are so proud of each of them!