Friday, June 1, 2012

Another year going...going...GONE!!!

Here's just a couple of pics of Jayme on
one of the last day's of school.

Jayme graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.8
and was on the honor roll all year. She had
a great year with making lots and lots of new
friends. She also won an art award in which she
received a little prize money and gets her drawing engraven
on a new bench at her school.

Jayme's 9th grade class celebrated the end of school
by going to Lagoon to play for a day. She woak
up sick and ended up missing the trip.
Jayme is so awesome and so we are planning
to help make it up to her soon!!

Trey is SO SO SO SO SO happy that
school is out and SUMMER has begun!

Did I mention that Trey is SO SO SO excited for
summer?!!! haha! He is one happy kid!
One of the last days of school, it was the school dance festival. Trey was dreading this because he had to dance
with a girl and hold hands. He is so funny!
(there he is in the center of the picture)

Trey with his very best friend, Justin.
They are the best of Pals!

Jay, Kim, and I stood on chairs with these
teachers so that we could see the festival better.
from left to right: the computer teacher, the
music teacher (Alison, my good buddy), next
is PE teacher, then the art teacher.
they are all such fun ladies.

Here's kimmi, Macy, and I
We got a lucky day as it was between thunderstorms that week

I ran quick and snuck in front of the parents on
the front row to sneek a quick picture of Hailey
before the dance started. Look at how excited those
two boys are to do this! hahaha
Hailey did such a great job!

Megan was having a blast with her friends! She also
ended the dance by running and doing front
handsprings on the grass! two of them!

The last day of school was only a 2 hour day. It was mostly just getting yearbook signed. The kids are loving the start
of another summer!!!!!