Friday, June 8, 2012

It's OFFICIALLY summer !!!

So, Jayme is shy and won't get in pics
that I am taking with my camera. But, I promise....
she was there too :)  We went to Lagoon because of
Jayme! She got the flu and missed going to her 9th grade
school Lagoon trip with all her class. So, as soon as she
was better...we helped make it up to her by taking her

On the "Terror" ride!! spooky!!

The first water-ride we went on! yay! :)

The water rides were my favorite because it was
95 degrees that day :)

Trey and his dad are coming right for ME!!!

Trey went on this ride several times

"thumbs up!"

Trey LOVES to fly!

Trey loved spending time wtih Kass
just as much as Jayme did! :) So happy
they are all such good friends!

so fun!

"Rattlesnake Rapids"
right before the waterfall tried to SOAK us!

always so cute

standing in line for the log-ride, Jay recognized the two
guys in front of us. They were there with their dates
but they were happy to visit with us. They are two
popular radio voices that Jay LOVES to listen
to on the radio each day ("OC" and "Jan Jorgensen).
They rode this one many many times! It made me
dizzy just watching them!

matching rings

Jayme and Kass!

so fun to relax at Lagoon together!

We went from open to close and we got our
money's worth! It was fun to help Jayme
get to Lagoon! And our family had planned 1 Lagoon
trip this summer it worked out great!