Sunday, June 10, 2012

Last trip to the Zoo.....

So, our year long Zoo pass is  expiring this month. We are so sad! We have loved visiting the animals through
 rain, snow, and sunshine!
On each or our Zoo visits, the animals did different things. It was fun to have had the experience of seeing them as often as we did.

The Zoo pass was only 80.00 for the entire year which included our entire family. Living only 30 minutes away, we found our pass to be well worth it!!

I was sitting by Jayme on the train ride who wouldn't
get into the picture...silly girl.
Bald Eagle

Trey watching the Otters swim by!
They are so fast!

We were way impressed with the new
addition to the Zoo! Very cool!
Sealions !

Jayme and I watching the sealions

The polar bear was awesome! We watched him eat his lunch.

The Grizzly Bear wanted OUT!

Another bear swimming. He looked so cute!

Trey and I cooling off under the water mist
Jayme and I resting our feet inside the giraffe building

,,,distracting Jayme with a kiss on her cheek so she didn't
see her dad snapping a sneak picture of her! :) But, she
caught him! hee hee
We found that the pizza is the best price for a lunch option there.
It was 19.oo for a large and fed our whole family plenty.
We bring our own zoo cups. They are only 1.50 to get re-fills there. Super great!! Also, since we have a zoo pass, souveniers and food also have an additional discount.

Usually this guy is awake when we visit

Jayme took this cute bat picture!
Another successful day!

We will miss our Zoo visits but we are looking
forward to making new family memories this next year!