Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day in Pleasant Grove

Jay at his dad's grave site

Cousins: Cecily, Joelie, Jayme, Adam, Maelie, Jaycee, Taryn, Jackson, Trey, and Rylund
(I'm gonna have to check name spellings...!)
with Grandpa Wood and Grandma Fox

Jay with his sister (Tammy), his mom, and his brother (Jim)

I love this picture of Jeannette

Mills family

Mills family

Thomas family

Trey and Rylund! Best friends!
Jay with Kass (our adopted Mills member) :)
at Grandpa Woods house for Mae-Jo's birthday party :)

Before heading back home, we stopped by Grandma Mills
home since it is getting torn down this week.
Looks like the demolition has already started...

It is so sad to see the house like this. It has always been such
a beautiful home!! Grandma kept it spick and span and so
beautiful. She always greeted us at the front door
with kisses on our cheeks and hugs. She stood
outside a waved to us as long as she could see
us as we left her home each time. We miss her.

Jayme with the pretty flowers still on the side of the house.
The city bought these homes next to eachother on the street
and is tearing them all down on this week.
Glad we could stop by. We found a few treasures
 as we walked through the home one last time.
They will be keepsakes.

It was a good memorial day...remembering all our
loved ones who haved passed on and are waiting for
us to join them in paradise one the other side...
and on to the eternal worlds in the life to come!
So exciting to think about seeing
 them all again one day :)
What a comfort the gospel of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints is...
we have the knowledge of Where we came from,
Why we are here, and Where we are going.
It is a blessing that can't be compared to!!