Saturday, June 23, 2012


So, we went the night before to set our chairs
out to save spots for watching the parade
the next morning. Good thing too...because
the whole street was already SAVED. So,
we were lucky to find a small section of sidewalk
to save for our family. We had GREAT seats!!

We loved all the floats. I think there were queens
from every town in the parade
We had ice water to keep us refreshed! And umbrella
to keep the sun away a bit.

Trey got totally hooked up with candy and neat things
from the parade. This is a marshmellow shooter :)

Jay caught a huge PEPSI in the parade :)

Cool float! Trey really liked this one with the eagle and plane:)
I love the bands in the parades

We were excited about the Purple Turtle coupons!
I have always been a big "Annie" fan ;)

We checked out the carnival after the parade.
The Kids had such a fun time riding rides together!!!

In line for their first ride
We usually always end up buying more
tickets half way through...

There the kids are on the very left. Jay and I had such fun
watching them enjoy themselves!

We always end up with a yummy lunch and treat
from Purple Turtle when we are in Pleasant Grove :)

Strawberry Day's is super special for Jay especially since
he use to go with his own family when he was a little kid.
We are having fun making it our own family tradition too!!