Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trek 2012

The ward took the youth to TREK for Youth Conference
this week! It is an activity that the youth have been gearing
up for weeks and weeks...and weeks!

Here they are learning how to square dance at mutual night on one of the tuesdays last month at the church gym...
It was such a fun night and we giggled and giggled as we
learned the different dance moves! Even I got in on lots
of the dancing!


It was fun to watch Megan and Matt as
partners! He was so much fun as he lifted and
twirled Megan around and around!

And then the big day arrived...TREK!!
Jayme was up so early and out the door just after
6:00am with Kassidy!! I snapped this picture
so quick of Jayme before she went upstairs to leave.

So, the girls have been gone for a few days and just arrived
back home this evening. They had super sunburned faces
and were worn out. Jayme fell fast asleep on the couch soon
after she arrived back home. The girls told us lots about their
TREK experience and we can't wait to see some of their
actual pictures from trek. They weren't allowed to bring their
own cameras, but there was someone assigned to take photos.
I need to get my hands of some of those and then I will post
them!! I am so glad Jayme got to go to Trek!! So great!!!

Here are a few pics...