Saturday, July 28, 2012


Sitting at work and Jay surprised me by
bringing the camera that day because it
was also birthday that day!!

....then he surprised me again by having flowers delivered
to me at work....he is such a good husband!!

This is an officer for the Utah County Sheriff's department. He is really nice to make sure to spontaneously
break out in song for the staff's birthdays!....and he serenaded me the "Happy Birthday" song
while standing on a chair in our office! Too awesome!

after work I came home to numerous "happy birthday" wishes
from facebook friends! Always so nice to get those wishes :)

Then, my kids and Jay started to present me
with presents!!

a girl does love her chocolates!

After opening my presents, we went on a family date!
We ate at the "Noodles and Company" (YUM!!)
restaurant in Draper...

...and then we went bowling in Sandy!

We had a lot of fun together as we bowled 2 games there.
We endoyed their "dip and dots" ice cream treats after the game
and then headed back home...

upon arriving home, we found this pretty little flower plant
sitting ourside the door. Kim had surprised me by gettig me
this and also some other cute presents with her kids!

Kass was also inside the house waiting to present me with
my BIRTHDAY CAKE!!  I love cake ...and I loved this cake made by Kassidy~

Chocolate cake, rainbow colored sprinkles, and M-n-M's (because they are my FAVORITE!) spelling
out the number 39!!!

Jay stole me away for a birthday dinner to Texas Roadhouse!

back at home, after dinner, we cut the cake and enjoyed it's chocolatey creamy taste!

The next afternoon, my work team surprised me by taking me out for a birthday lunch to Costa Vida!...Jay and I shared the Pork Nacho's this time....good choice it was!!

after getting home from my birthday lunch, Kim was waiting to take me (along wtih steph, shaylee, kassidy, and jayme) for a birthday dessert at Kneaders. It was so good!!!

I felt very pampered for my birthday!
Turning 39 wasn't hard at all!
It was just lots of YUMMY- ness!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

GOLF and COWS and such....

The Pass of All Passes!
We have pretty much just experienced Trafalga in
Lehi and in Orem. We have loved going though and
we are excited to experience all else that the "Pass of
all Passes" hold for us this summer and on into the winter.

I just snapped a few pics here and there, but we spent
hours there and I forgot to take many pics. The kids
really had a great time and we plan to go back very soon.
It was raining off and on while we were there so we
didn't get a chance to do the batting cages or drive the cars
this time, so we are planning another visit in the near future.

Standing in line to see the 3-D mini movies. We saw like six
or seven of these movies in a row! We loved this!

These two are highly this was a
fun match to watch!!!!

Trey got a TON of tickets off of this game!

After Trafalga, we decided to drive over to the Provo
mall and find a little to eat for dinner. After we walked in
we noticed that the WHOLE place was crawling with cows!!....

I am always up for FREE stuff, so I figured that these
costumes had something to do with FREE STUFF!!

I asked some of the cows what was going on and they
said that Chick Filet was giving away free meals if
you came dressed up like a cow! I was dying since I
wanted some free stuff too!! So they all gave me their
homemake paper cow costumes and I,too, joined them!

Jay, Jayme, and Trey got a kick out of all the cow costumes too!

My meal took like a zillion hours to get...but, though slow, it was
still fun to be in on the party happening there at the Chick Filet!
And, it was yummy it worked out great.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

(Part TWO) Weekend family trip over the 4th of July

 I feel like we all were pampered for Jay's birthday this year!

Jeannette turned her home into a "pool birthday party" with a BBQ
Jay's mom decorated perfectly for Jay!!...avengers table cloth,
plates, cake with green hulk lettering, BBQ, and
special K treats (which are totallyJay's favorite!)  YUM!

Bruce showing us that the treats are
plenty sticky...and yummy!

Jay's dad took him golfing for his birthday!

Trey loved lighting the candles!

And... so that Kass could swim some more...Grandpa
put ducktape over her cut she had! We love duck tape!!
And we love Grandpa!!!

Jay getting in the pool! 
 I swam too...but not as much as the kids :)

Fun to watch Grandpa's fires while swimming :)

The next morning, we went on a road trip to the Hoover Dam.
But first we took a quick stop over by the lake to feed the
fishies some popcorn...Jayme even dipped her toes in
the water and the fishies tried to suck on them!


We reached the Hoover Dam and had some awesome views
for picture pretty!

We walked across the 900 foot bridge!!

Jayme doesn't let us take pictures of her very she is usually the one behind the camera! Darn girl!

Cute Kassidy! We loved having her with us!!

After visiting the Dam, we ate at a buffet in the Casino and
they had a lot of neat souvenirs to look at

Back at grandma's on the back patio under the "mists" that
Grandpa installed. They were so cool and refreshing!

We had such a great time on this trip for the 4th of July in Cedar and spending time with Grandpa/Grandma Graf and other family! Wealso enjoyed Jay's birthday and summer fun in Nevada
with Grandma/Grandpa Fox!

We took so many pictures that I tried to put a lot of them on here
to capture the memories we made :)
I found some more pics from the trip that I wanted to add...

Jayme and Kassidy playing Nintendo at Grandma Grafs house!
Mario Brothers!!

At our firework show!! So pretty!

At the Greenshow!!

Shakespearean Festival Fun!

Souvenier rings at the Shakespearean Festival gift shop

We LOVE summer AND we LOVE our FAMILY!