Monday, July 16, 2012

4th of July a few extra days of fun

The 4th of July was on a Wednesday this year and so that meant arriving in Cedar City on Tuesday night was a must. We decided to start out our fun by spontaneously attending the Shakespearean Festival's Green Show that Tuesday night after we arrived in town.
The place was packed within moments of the show starting

While we relaxed and watched the Green Show, Jay was
enjoying a game of golf on the Cedar course with a friend.
The evening went by fast and before we knew was the
next morning and we were getting up early to watch the
4th of July parade with family...

Jay, Sheri, Dad, uncle Larry and aunt Shirley with their grandson

Jay, Trey, Jayme, and Kassidy on the
blanket waiting for the parade to start

Ryan and Donna's family joined us for the 4th!

Trey with his cousins, Kaitlyn, Jessica, and Nicole!

after the parade we went back to Grandma Graf's
house for a BBQ lunch

after lunch, we visited with family and friends
until it was dark and time for FIREWORKS

Before leaving Cedar the next day, we decided to
spend some time at the "cedar beach"

we weren't spending long there so we decided to not get in
and swim, but wading our feet was fun

Later, that evening, we met up with some
St. George friends for dinner

After dinner we drove through the desert the rest of
the way to Grandpa and Grandma Fox's house for
a few days in Nevada

Grandpa's swimming pool was so, SO, SOOO much fun!
These swimming pics are a collection for our
3 days of stay and play!!
It was also Jay's BIRTHDAY that weekend!!!
He turned 39 years old

Cool treats to keep us extra comfortable in the Nevada HEAT!!

We enjoy staying in the guest house there in the backyard.
Grandma and Grandpa have such a comfortable place
for company and we always enjoy every minute!

Jay loved playing "shark" and chasing the kids around the pool

Trey loved doing pool tricks!!

We enjoyed the summer sunshine each day and the relaxing time!
I have soooo many pics so....I will finish "PART TWO" of our trip soon.....  :)