Saturday, July 7, 2012

Family time

We love having Trafalga in Lehi just minutes away from our
neighborhood. And with the "Pass of all Passes" we are able
to go and enjoy family time as much as we want!

We started off with a game of mini golf. Didn't take pics though since it was too dark in the in-doors golf place and we were just enjoying our game. Everything white glowed and so we had fun
making fun of eachothers teeth and anything else glowing on us.
We skipped the water rides this time...the line
was longer than we wanted to wait

Trey is quite the spiderman!!

It was really fun to watch him climb! He was so fast!
after our family went to Lagoon last month, I havn't
been able to ride even these little tiny rides here at Trafalga!
My tummy is super weak now! haha

But Jay and Trey were riding everything :)
Jayme and I cheered them on from the
sidelines this time :)
Can't wait to enjoy the other trafalga's in Orem and
SaltLake. Also, we need to get to the other fun places
that our passes include. This will be a fun-filled family year!