Monday, July 23, 2012

GOLF and COWS and such....

The Pass of All Passes!
We have pretty much just experienced Trafalga in
Lehi and in Orem. We have loved going though and
we are excited to experience all else that the "Pass of
all Passes" hold for us this summer and on into the winter.

I just snapped a few pics here and there, but we spent
hours there and I forgot to take many pics. The kids
really had a great time and we plan to go back very soon.
It was raining off and on while we were there so we
didn't get a chance to do the batting cages or drive the cars
this time, so we are planning another visit in the near future.

Standing in line to see the 3-D mini movies. We saw like six
or seven of these movies in a row! We loved this!

These two are highly this was a
fun match to watch!!!!

Trey got a TON of tickets off of this game!

After Trafalga, we decided to drive over to the Provo
mall and find a little to eat for dinner. After we walked in
we noticed that the WHOLE place was crawling with cows!!....

I am always up for FREE stuff, so I figured that these
costumes had something to do with FREE STUFF!!

I asked some of the cows what was going on and they
said that Chick Filet was giving away free meals if
you came dressed up like a cow! I was dying since I
wanted some free stuff too!! So they all gave me their
homemake paper cow costumes and I,too, joined them!

Jay, Jayme, and Trey got a kick out of all the cow costumes too!

My meal took like a zillion hours to get...but, though slow, it was
still fun to be in on the party happening there at the Chick Filet!
And, it was yummy it worked out great.