Sunday, July 1, 2012

A little last-minute...

I love finding old pictures on my camera.
But sometimes they bring back memories that
we sort of want to put behind us :)

So, I tend to be the kind of mom that is a
last-minute mom in my hurry to get the kids out
the door and off to school before I head off to work. 

This picture reminded me that being better prepared
is worth it. This is Trey's 4th grade school program they
did for all the parents.

That morning, Trey was telling me that he
needed to wear a red shirt. 
I just sort of brushed it off since I didn't want
to find a clean red shirt for him in our hurry out the door.

So, I just grabbed a nice shirt and told him that he would
be fine and would blend in with all the other kids
that didn't wear a red shirt.

I was wrong.

Oh, my kids are patient with me as we laugh
later about the last-minute moments of mine.