Sunday, July 8, 2012


Trey is in Weblos. He is having a great time in scouts!
Jay and Trey had a great time making this rocket!
Jay wanted to make it GREEN and call it
the "SNOT  ROCKET".  But, thank heavens Trey was
embarrassed and said, "Dad, lets make it GREEN and
call it "The Hulk Rocket" !!

There is trey up for his turn to attach is rocket and watch
it shoot so fast and high into the sky!! It did GREAT!
And everytime it fell hard to the earth, we would say

Look how high up!!
Trey's scout group has lots of fun. I am always
amazed with his fun leaders and all they do
to make it fun for all the scouts.

Jay and Trey are gearing up for a father-son camp out
at the end of summer. They will have a great time for sure!