Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Parades

Megan, Hailey, and Callie (their friend) came
and showed me their Cheerleading uniforms the day
that they got them! So, we went outside for a
quick photo shoot!

Then a few days later it was time for them to
perform in the Lehi summer parade!!
There is Megan on the end closest to me. And Hailey
is two girls away from her on the same row.
We cheered and cheered for them as they cheered and
cheered their cheer!

Kim and Macy

This turned out to be a brilliant idea for catching
candy!!  Everyone coming passed us in the parade would
try and toss into our umbrella!! We scored lots of candy :)

We spotted Sierra in her group of Cheerleaders too!
There she is in the center of the photo looking over at me
so I could snap a picture of her quick :)

And there is Shaun walking witih Brooklyn (who is
waving). They were 3rd from the last and were so
tired and hot from the long wait to get down the parade street.
They were with our ward primary group.

So, the summer parades are super fun for us all and we
can't wait to enjoy another parade in Cedar City
soon for the 4th of July!