Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July, GOING.....GOING........GONE!

I can't believe how fast this summer is going!
July was an especially celebratory month with parades
and birthdays and all :)
Kass turned 17 just two days after my birthday!
Here she is opening a present we gave her on her
special day!

Kass loves pictures and we knew she
would love these cute frames to put some
of her pictures in!

Jayme was so super excited for Kassidy to
have her birthday and to help her have a great day!

Kolby got our help to trash...I mean...decorate the
Nielson home and to scream "Suprise!!!" When Kassidy
walked into the room after her birthday dinner with her
dad and Jayme :)  what fun!

Kolb's gift to Kass (out of the "claw" from walmart!)

Kass playing in the confetti ;)

we all enjoyed watching kass enjoy her birthday!
Earlier in the day on Kassidy's birthday....the kids went swimming! Summer is going toooooooooooo fast...
so we are trying to squeeze in all the fun possible!
 Kassidy's friends took her to lunch and we snuck off
to play at the pool for a few hours !!
Trey jumping off the diving board:)

This is Megan jumping!!

This was my view as I sat, relaxed, read, and tanned my white legs a little!

Trey and Megan eating a snack

Jayme wished she was in her swim suit but wasn't 
 since she was waiting to go and play with Kass
for her birthday!!

Shaun, Hailey, Megan, Jayme, and Trey

Kim, Megan, and Macy playing at the kiddie pool

Shaun with Brooklyn

Kim, Jayme, and Macy

This pool was perfect for Macy :)
Trey and Brooklyn
Oh! I missed Hailey's jump!
This is her swim splash though :) 
That is Trey right behind her on the diving board :)

Well, That sums up July....and kind of the bulk
of our summer! Ahhh, can you tell that I"m not
ready for the school year to begin yet ?? 
Well, I'm not!
I LOVE sUmMeR!!!!!!
School just means more homework for ME too! BOO!!