Saturday, August 11, 2012

Trafalga adventures

One of my favorite childhood memories was passing by the Orem Trafalga on our way to my Grandma Chamberlains house. She lived just up the road from there. We didn't go to Trafalga when I was a child that I remember. But, I loved seeing the LIGHTHOUSE of the there because I knew we were FINALLY at my Grandma's freeway exit and almost to her house! What we loved almost as much as Grandma herself...was her SWIMMING POOL!! That is one of my favorite childhood memories....going to her house!

Just over a year ago, my own little family moved up north and I think of those awesome childhood memories often as I drive past that lighthouse daily on my way to work. 

It's so great that all these years later I can take my kids that same freeway exit and then enjoy ourselves having fun making memories of our own there at that Trafalga. I wish Grandma was still there. I would love driving up the road to her house with my kids and seeing her waiting for us with big hugs and kisses and excited to spend time with us over at her pool. I miss her. It is her birthday coming up this next week. She is on my mind today. She always let us stay up late. She let us eat over at the couch with her TV trays so we could watch TV. I remember her pink pajama's. I remember her "Tiger Room".  I loved her spiral staircase. We use to squeeze through the bars at the top of the stairs and then let go and drop to the carpet down below. I loved her bedroom downstairs with the 4 single beds in there ready made for us to stay! I loved her playroom downstairs. I remember her back patio and her flower garden. It was peaceful there. I remember her dark brown fence in the back that we use to jump to get into the house sometimes. I remember her picture/letter filled bedroom walls. I spent hours looking at the different family pictures and reading the love notes that she received in the mail....those things were her bedroom wallpaper. I use to love to look for and find my own letters and pictures I mailed to her over the years! I remember her bedroom closets. Oh, and her HUGE bathroom shower. She let us take over her bathroom and her whole house while we stayed with her. We were kids and everything there was perfect. Grandma was perfect. She was always smiling. She spent countless hours at the pool...never rushing us. She was always watching us and always smiling when we looked over at her. She even swam sometimes too. She was unrushed, unhurried, and happy to spend time with us. I remember her driving us places...boy she was a SPEED driver...saying, "you just have to push your way into the lanes or you'll never get anywhere"...I was afraid of getting into an accident with Grandma behind the wheel :) haha.  And now, I am driving that same way too as I live up here now as an adult.
Well, good memories. The best!

So, I love that I get the chance to take my own kids to that very Trafalga Orem exit and show my kids the lighthouse. My little family is having fun making memories of our own on that very street that Trafalga....all these years later :)

Here's our latest trip ...

Jayme and I sitting, relaxing in the shade there at the outside mini golf. Just having fun watching Jay and Trey trying to catch the garden snakes that are everywhere in and around the ponds there. They were soooo cool to watch. The snkes hunt the goldfish that the ponds are packed with. Pretty fun to watch.  Trey caught one and I missed getting a picture! Next time!

I have to sneak pics of Jayme. But I think she is
so cute! She got these fun red hair clips and they are
so much fun for summer time!

Jay trying to get a picture with his cute Jayme

....always texting...

Trey and the ball. This was such a fun course!

Jay showing us his skills....

Jayme's turn

We spent a long time just enjoying ourselves out side
there that day. We need to get pictures of all
the garden snakes next time! They were sooo cool!!

We loved the 3-D mini-movies there!
They are 7 minutes long and we saw several
of them over and over! The chairs move and bounce
around and after a while Jay's head started to feel a little
pain! hee hee. But, this was our second trip to this
Trafalga and we knew we liked the movies enough to deal with the shaking and bouncing around! ;)
A quick picture of the movie screen..

We love how fun the inside mini golf is too! look how cool
the paintings on the walls are! Fun atmosphere!

Jay and Trey miniature golfing
The shark was a big hit for Trey!

Love our family and loved spending time together there.
We tried to do the cars and the batting cages but were turned
away since we were wearing flip-flop shoes. Looking forward
to doing that next time with the kids!