Saturday, September 15, 2012

A couple Monday's ago...

A couple Monday's ago, it was Labor Day.
We had the day off with the kids and Jay took us to
Buffalo Wild Wing for lunch
(they have the BEST wings!!)
 and then out to the Kennecott Copper Mines
 for the afternoon!  It was so cool!

They told us that to replace those huge tires
it is thousands and thousands of dollars per tire.
And they replace them annually.
It made us feel better about our own car expenses.


Jay has been wanting to bring us out to
the Copper Mines for a while now.
So glad we finally made it out there!

Trey had a quarter and so he paid for us all to
look through there and be able to see way way way
down where the trucks were working ;)

The trucks were so huge and so full of rocks that
they drove extremely SLOW

We went inside the visitor center and watched a movie
about Kennocott mines and it was really good.
The kids had a blast there and they loved looking at
everything !!  They also loved getting a souvineer
in the gift shop.  Pretty fun day!