Sunday, September 9, 2012

Elder Graf called to serve!!

Friday night, Sept 6th, the northern Graf family
gathered at Curt and Sydna's house to be with Kevin
while he opened up his MISSION call!!!!

Sydna had a table set up "where will Kevin go?...make
guesses either state-side or foreign...
Trey LOVED making predictions...I think he ended up
with 8 total predictions!!

Here is Kevin checking out all the guesses that
family and friends made!

He pointed to both sides USA and FOREIGN for
his own prediction....

Sydna had the place all decked out with party food!!

This is before the large crowds of people arrived...

Uncle Jay with his nephews

We had the Uof U/ Utah State game on!!
It was tied at the end 20 to 20 and was
quite intense for the crowd of football fans there
watching the outcome of the game...(which Utah State
ended up taking the win!)
Kevin with his dad holding the envelope!
Kevin with his parents, reading the letter!!

We were all in such suspense! I love Trey's face as he is
so excited to hear where his cousin is called to serve!
What a great example Kevin is to these other
future missionaires
in the room!!

...Elder Graf is called to the......
 Columbus Ohio - Spanish speaking mission!!!!!
SOOOOO exciting!!!!

family checking out the letter!!
Me, Kim, Barbara, and Sydna
Jay, Curt, Brian, and Shay

Kevin with his uncle Brian and uncle Mike

We are all so excited for Kevin!!