Saturday, September 29, 2012

Falling for Fall !!!!

We took the kids up the mountain this afternoon for an
afternoon of fun....the canyon was so beautiful !!!

We first went to Cascade Springs up the Alpine Loop

My beautiful Jayme!
We LOVED Cascade Springs! It was the neatest place!!!

Cascade Springs is one of our favorite new spots!
Gorgeous up there !!!

My handsome boys !!
We can't wait to get back up there and
explore the other two trails to the waterfalls up higher.

The whole place was amazing. I wish I was able to really
capture the beauty was awesome!!

This one isn't clear because we were driving
so fast and taking pics at the same time.
But, I loved it anyway.

After exploring the water falls, we went to Tibble Fork to
do some fishing. Tibble Fork is such a pretty little spot!
But, actually catching fish there is another story for us :)

Trey is sneaking up on that pelican bird there by the water


Jayme is our fisher-woman!
She loves it!!
And...even though she is pulling a silly
face here...she really doesn't mind
holding the wiggly worms ;)

Trey enjoying fishing! He is our new
fisher-man! He loves to cast out and does
awesome with all there is to fishing ;)


We enjoyed the ride home also. The colors up the
mountain are brilliant!! We are going to try and go
again soon!! We only stayed up the mountain for a few
hours today since I needed to return home in time for
our Relief Society dinner and
General Relief Society broadcast with Kim!