Monday, September 24, 2012


It has definately sunk in that summer is really over.
Just as school started back up for the kiddos, the weather
is staring to turn a little chilly, and everyone started to get sick as
Fall time is rolling around.

Our house is a battle zone with the flu attacking at will.

Everyone is dropping like flies ...right ...and ...left!

A couple weeks ago, cute Chey came over to visit us
with the sniffles. As she left, we got a phone call from
Grandma Graf telling us that Chey and Ryan had been
sick with a terrible sickness and
not to get around any of the sickies. Too late! We'd already had
fun visiting with Chey a couple of different times 
 and the germs were lose in the house....
 searching for another victim!!  :)
Next little Macy started coming down with sore throat
and tummy problems.  A couple days later Jayme was the next victim of the flu and actually ended up with Strep Throat some days later. Two days after Jayme was hit, I fell ill with the flu..
and was down and out!

That same exact day that I was sick, Megan AND Kolby
were hit!!  Within a day or two, Kassidy took a hit!

The very next day, on the day of our fun family party
 (the day of Sharla's surprise birthday party),...
Shaun fell victim!!
And little Brooklyn was starting to feel it
coming on her as well!

So far, we are losing the battle !!
The score is  8/12 ...with the flu as the victor!

Watching the one's not attacked yet is a lot like
watching the poor participants of the hunger games : 
Trey has his strategies (he just stays outside and plays
 all day so that he doesn't have to be inside
breathing all the sick air!).

Jay's strategies are that he thinks he can talk himself
out of getting sick... "mind over matter!"

Hailey.... is actually just waiting to get it!

Kim's strategy is that she is too busy to get it! Either that...or she has been too uber exposed to even get it now!

So there they are...the FOUR lone survivors of the FLU!!!

Everyday ...we are just waiting for the next one to drop!

It will be good when it's all over. But now I'm thinking it's so wierd that we are planning to all go and get the flu shots in the next couple of weeks! :)