Saturday, September 8, 2012

Granite Flat Campground and Tibble Fork reservior

Trey helping us unload the truck and set up camp.
We found a gorgeous spot up American Fork canyon a
few weekends ago. We loved our camp spot!!

The squirrels would drop pinecones on our tent from
the big trees up above! We got a kick out of watching them drop the pinecones and bomb us!

So excited to finally be camping this summer!! :)

Trey took this picture and I didn't even know until uploading pics onto the computer. Pretty good. So, we had squirrels galore all around our campsite....Trey got a big kick out of it!

riding out to go fishing at the lake

What a fun idea! Next time we will bring some
sort of water craft to paddle in.

It sprinkled on us a little

I love Trey's little face as he is winding up to toss that
fishing line out there so hard

I went on a barefoot walk with Trey

I was following wherever Trey wanted to go. Here he is not sure
which direction he is wanting to take us! So cute!

We took the kids on a BUMPY ride in the truck
up to another lake to fish at. Trey kept screaming "like a
good is there!!!" (like on the t.v.
commercials) since the ride was so terrifying up a steep bumpy road forEVER and he wanted to be anywhere else safe as fast as possible. Jayme was laughing so hard at Trey!

We returned back to camp in the dark after our
fishing adventures (with lots of bites ...but no fish)
and we roasted hotdogs and smores.

Trey liked burning cheetos or anything!!


Jay and Jayme playing a game on the Itouch

We love to camp each summer and it was a great way to wrap
up the summer together as a family.