Sunday, September 23, 2012


A few weeks ago we spent such a fun Saturday in Provo
at BYU's second home game!

The pre-game party was so much fun in the tent
just outside the stadium!!

Our car full of BYU fans arrived at noon and hurried
from our parking lot a couple of blocks to the college campus. Upon arriving...Jay, Kolby, and I left Jayme and Trey
in the hands of Jay's brother (Jim with Jim's kids) at
the BYU stadium and we met up with Brian and Sharla
inside the tent for a yummy lunch before the game started!!

These are specialty drinks! Mine is lemonade with
every fruit imaginable!

Jay and Kolbs enjoying the
food, company, and conversation!

Sharla and I with our awesome BYU enthusiasm!!


Here I am sporting Sharla's cute BYU hat

Brian and Sharla coming back with a drink

Jay excited to point out to me that Cosmo is standing
directly right in front of me!

So I missed getting Cosmo's picture as he was there facing me
but I caught him walking away.

And Cosmo came to the row right behind us

Jayme and Trey sat in that section to the right of
the big screen accross from us.

BYU staff brought our section
cold ice cream during the game!...which was
very refreshing since it was the hottest day we've
had in a very long time! The temp was 91 today.

BYU played against Weber State and we smoked them!
BYU won with the score of 45 to 13!

We were close enough to the field that we could see
the frustration and anger between the players during the game!
There were quite a few times that the players would push and brawl with each other a bit and we thought it might break out

into a fight! Definately exciting!!

After the game, while we were walking out of the stadium,
we walked directly in front of Elder L. Tom Perry who was
smiling and shaking hands with child and a few others.
That was so awesome to see an apostle right in front of us!

Definately a HAPPY day spent at the BYU game
in Utah's HAPPY VALLEY!!