Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mills family summer BBQ

(Jayme with her cousin Joelie)

A couple months ago, we enjoyed an evening with
our Mills family and it was a BLAST!
I forgot about my pictures until now and I
wanted to make sure I documented that fun time we had!

We were gathered at Jay's cousin's house
in Pleasant Grove this summer for a BBQ, movie,
and fireworks! As All the Mills families started
to arrive, the place filled up and we were able
to catch up with eachother and enjoy such
a fun evening together!

I took these photos with my Itouch since
I forgot my camera. But, I got my hands on 
Tammy's awesome camera since my Itouch wasn't doing the job very well!...and took at least 100 pictures from
Tammy's camera!   haha...
so..... I will add several
of her photo's here too.

Beautiful Taryn (my niece)
There is Trey with his plate standing by the drink table

Alisha hosted such a fun party again this summer.
She has started an annual tradition for the Mills to
gather at her home. She is so creative and always has the neatest
treats and fun things for all of us to do!

We all brought some sort of food item to the BBQ.
There were lots of yummy salads, etc.
Food always tastes so good at a summer time BBQ!

Me with my sister-in-law Amy

Uncle Terry Mills talking with Jay's brother Jim.

There's Trey standing with his plate by the drink table

Me with my sister-in-law, Tammy (in photo below on the left).


Trey playing with cousins! He had a blast!

Jayme and Taryn sitting with Jackson and Mae-jo

Uncle Frank Mills talking with Jay's sister, Tammy.

Jay sitting by brother-in-law, Mike

Trey with his cousins (Rylund and Jackson)

Alisha is getting the treat table all set up :)

Jayme and cousin, Taryn, in line for movie treats!

The popcorn was such a creative touch with ways to
season it however you wanted (lots of different seasonings)
in your own bag. The kids thought this was so much fun!!
"Snatch, Scoop, Spritz, Sprinkle, Shake, and Savor!"

Big hit!

Trey with cousin, Rylund!!

Their movie screen is on my "want" list one day!
They blow it up and it is HUGE! Fun to watch movie on outside!!


So fun to watch Uncle Frank and Uncle Terry
visiting that night together. They are so funny!!

Jay is in LOVE with this motorbike!!
He took me on a long evening ride
and wecame back in the dark to the
family doing fireworks!!

Trey and Rylund with SPARKLERS!

Jayme and Taryn's sparklers

My Itouch didn't do the evening justice all.
But everyone eventually put their cameras away as the
firworks stole the show! Devin Mills put on the best firework
show we've seen. It was better than the City's show!
Their neighbors were out and sitting on the grass
watching with too. What a great party!