Saturday, September 15, 2012


We arrived at the BYU stadium on the night of their
opening game a little before 8pm that night!!
We were fired up by the band playing outside the
stadium and all the fans crowding into the front entrance!

We wore our white BYU
shirts and while we
entered the stadium, they
were giving out white
pom-poms and big BYU

It was fun to walk past the BYU channel anaylists for
 the pre-game and post-game show.

Here they are on a break reading through their notes.

It rained pretty hard just right before the game started!

Jay's brother, Jim, and his kids Cecily and Rylund!!
We met them at the Purple Turtle before the game and
had fun catching up!

Trey told me that he wanted me to bring him home a "cougar tail"
So, I bought him one ...and enjoyed a little of it myself :)
 But all the frosting on the top of the doughnut
stuck to the bag after I had carried it around all night in
my purse. Trey still enjoyed it when I brought
it home to him ;)

They formed a "Y" for when the team first came out
onto the field and they lit off fireworks at the base of the "Y".

It was fun to look all around the stadium
and see a "white out"!!... since it was the
theme of the night :)

Jay and I had such a fun time together at the game. And,
it was fun sitting by Jim and his kids too :)

BYU played against Washington state and we won!!

The crowd was way entertaining. I think that we sit by a party
section because everybody was really into every part
of the game! At one point a father lifted his (10-ish year old)
son up into the air to celebrate and the crowd got ahold
 of the son and passed him all the way up the stadium
several rows behind us before returning
him back down to his father!

Everyone has such an electric energy at these games that it
makes it so much fun to be a part of it all!!