Sunday, October 21, 2012

ODDS and ENDS pictures

These are some flowers that Kim gave me,
if I remember right,  for my birthday this past summer.
They are amazing flowers!
I usually don't have a "green thumb" ...but for some

reason....I havn't killed these flowers! They are so pretty
and I look forward to seeing them by
our entry way door each day :)

Oh, another fun thing.... is that it's getting closer
 to Halloween... and costume hunting has begun!
Even though the Hulk is a good choice,
we were excited when Trey chose a fun and spooky
scarecrow costume!

Trey's 5th grade school picture
We can't believe Trey is already a 5th grader!
We are so proud of him and he is doing so well in school
 and everything else he is invovled with.
Jay gives the haircuts in our house :)
He is so good at it and has always done it.
Look how cute our Trey is!

And, Jayme is the other one in our house that loves to
do hair. She is so cute and always does fun things with
her hair! She plans to become a Cosmetologist!

Oh, something else that has been fun ....BYU football games!

Jay and his brother have seats at the football stadium
by eachother! Jay takes turns taking Jayme and Trey
along. This game was the "black-out" game.

It's fun to see all the "black" clothing there to support our
 BYU players that day!

I also have some pictures from last week when we took the kids
to see the new "Sheels" store that recently opened in Sandy.
We had heard it was pretty cool.
We were excited to go and check it out.


Sheels is quite the place and we thoroughly loved
visiting there and looking at all there is inside that new
building! I'm sure we will go back and visit again ;)