Monday, November 26, 2012

2012 THANKSGIVING in Nevada

The temperature was 74 degrees...perfect!

A couple of us families decided to
stay in a motel in Mesquite since
Grandma's house was bursting
with company already :)

Thanksgiving day and dinner was fantastic !

Mike carving the turkey

Annie creating a gorgeous "turkey salad"

Jayme with her cousins

Cousin time is the best !

Jim and Amy sitting with the boys

Mike, Tammy, and Gage

I love this picture of Grandma Fox
with Trey and Rylund

It was Josan's 4 yr old birthday on thanksgiving day

Grandpa always has fun "boy" things to do
for these playing with fire!
Grandpa is so cool!

They burned army guys

Grandpa got a bigger fire ready for the boys
to have fun with !!

Josan also had fun playing
with his birthday toys with
his cousins

Gage playing with cousin Maelie

Mae-Joe playing with her baby doll

Amy playing with
Joelie's hair

Jayme playing with Jackson's hair

Tammy with her girls

Jaycee, Cecily, and Taryn

After thanksgiving dinner was over, Amy
organized us with black friday ads and
made a game plan: Mesquite Walmart 8pm !

When the time came for us to leave
for some black friday shopping,
Gage loaded us all up with some
water to take!

The place was crowded! I LOVE Mike's face here as he
waits in line for the "grabbing"

Jay standing by his mom in the isle

Joelie and Tammy

Adam and Annie

Black friday lasted from 8pm-10:30 pm!
We decided it was the perfect time to spend.
A couple of hours and lots of laughing and being
part of the silly crazy crowd.

After the crowds disappeard...
Joelie found a woman down!

There was actually one fight inside
of Walmart that night. The cops
were there and took care of it.
A lady told me that last year there
were 3 fights.Crazy shoppers!!

Saying goodnight to eachother in the parking lot

The cousins that didn't come along for black
friday shopping, stayed at Grandma's and played cards,
then a cousin sleepover there.

The next day, we drove out to the "Valley of Fire"

This spot is called "Elephant Rock"
The kids had a blast climbing all around and on top of it !




We spent a long time just climbing and having fun

Trey and Rylund

After playing at the Valley of Fire, a bunch
of us went to the movie in Mesquite.

And and bunch of the others went shooting
(see video below)


Uncle Mike helping Trey.
Trey thought this was the COOLEST thing
ever!!! He is asking for a gun for christmas now.
The guys had lots of fun shooting!!


A cousin sleep-over was spontaneously
scheduled again at Grandma's house

The next morning, we packed up from
the motel in Mesquite and played at the
archade for a bit before leaving.

Pretty soon, everyone else arrived and we
all drove up to St. George for a yummy lunch together
before driving home.

It was so good to have been all together for thanksgiving
this year and we have such good memories to last us!