Saturday, November 17, 2012

Aunt Shirlee

My aunt Shirlee passed away suddenly last Sunday.
It took us all by complete surprise.
 Shirlee will most definately be
missed by all of her family (and all of Santa Clara city). She
was so much fun and such an active part of the community.
It was very hard to say goodbye to her and to see all
those that loved her so much, grieve.
We will miss our aunt Shirlee!!!
This picture was taken of her the day before she died.
She was so full of life and always on the go.
She was busy helping others constantly and especially
loved her family so much.
She lived next door to her very best friend....
...her sister Mary.

It was fun to see the tables full of Shirlee's favorite things

Uncle Larry sad to have lost his wife, Shirlee, so suddenly

Uncle Larry visiting with me about Shirlee and
how much he appreciated her and will miss her.

Aunt Mary,in tears, was greeting people
as they come through the line.
Mary told me, "it's not fair".

There's dad with the rest of his siblings :
Don (and Pat), Kathy, and Roberta

Dad with Brian
Me and Steph with our cousin, Tricia Dawn

My mom was so happy to see her aunt Fae
 (her mom's sister)

The room was so full of family and friends
that most people stood as we said our last goodbyes and the
casket was closed after dad gave the prayer.

There's mom (blue jacket) standing next to one of
Shirlee's best friends, Pat Holland (blue jacket) standing by 
my brother,Curt and his wife, Sydna.

The funeral was full of wonderful stories of Shirlee
that had us laughing right out loud! And also many sweet  moments that brought tears.

The speakers at the funeral were Aunt Mary, Shirlees
two sons, Shirlee's husband, Shirlee's bishop,
and also Elder Jeff Holland and his wife Pat.

At the cemetary- three of my nieces. So cute!

We have a lot of "Graf" relatives burried at the
Santa Clara Cemetery
My brother, Ryan, showing his daughter our
grandma/grandpa Graf's grave.

Shirlee's two kids there by the casket: Cory and Huddy

Family is so important. These two brothers sure do
appreciate having each other.

Aunt Mary standing behind Larry at the grave site.

As the grandkids let the balloons go up in the air, I
couldn't keep my eyes off of aunt Mary. She and Shirlee
were best friends and closest sisters. This was so hard
to see Mary so sad.

Brother and Sister Holland saying goodbye at 
the grave site. 

He was telling Shirlee's granddaughter
how beautiful her singing was there
at the funeral.

Bailee sang so pretty, and she struggled with
her emotion and couldn't sing parts of the
song. Elder Holland was so sweet in telling
Bailee that she was beautiful and so was her
singing and made sure he and sister Holland
spent time with the family.

Dad visiting with friend, Jeff Holland

Mom, Dad, and Mike saying goodbye to Sister Pat Holland.
What a special time that was to have them there and
get to visit.

We LOVED seeing all our cousins there!!!
(L to R:  Sheri, Jayme, me, Angie, Chalyn, Tricia Dawn, Kim)

We didn't get pictures with all the cousins, but just the
one's we happened to be standing by there...
here's Brad, Cody, me Jayme, Angie, and Chalyn

Angie, Jayme, Tricia Dawn, me, Melissa, Michelle,
Stephanie, Sheri, Kim, and Chalyn

Me with my cousin, Brandy. Brandy said that
Shirlee was a "second mom" to her.

It is SUPER RARE to have ALL 9 children together...
... so we knew we had to take the opportunity to
get a picture of the family. I will be steeling
other pictures as I see them posted also, as there, were
many other camera snapping away.

My mom was more than HAPPY to have us all there
together!! She couldn't wait to see us all :)
I turned around and took this picture. St. George is
breath-taking. Jay and I miss living there. We love
living up north, but we wish we had a second home
there in Southern Utah. It is heaven there!!

As we left, we spent the ride home visiting about
aunt Shirlee and what was said at her funeral.
The feeling there was pure love and such a beautiful
spirit in the room and we remembered all the
reasons we love and will miss Shirlee.