Sunday, November 18, 2012

Celebrating Kim

On November 8th, my sister Kim turned another year older! :)
We had fun celebrating, quietly, late that evening after dinner.
Kassidy had made a yummy cake, we had a little present
for her to open also ;)

Trey and Megan getting the candles lit...
baby Macy wants in on some of that action :)

Brooklyn and kim showing off the necklace that
 we gave her for her present.

Kim is more than awesome and she wanted a quiet
birthday, so that's what we tried to do. Kim has always
been one of my best friends as we grew up.
We shared a bedroom most our life, shared clothes,
shared friends, and now we are sharing a house for the
 time being :)  Kim has always had a sense of "sharing"
about doesn't matter who you are...she wants to
share with you. Kassidy tells me stories of when they
make treats at their house. It's not long at all until Kim is
wanting to take the treats, they just made, to a neighbor.
Kass told me of another time that Kim stayed up all night
for a black friday and got a certain item that they wanted,
it wasn't long until she  handed it off to some stranger when
she realized he had wanted the same item. She is always
trying to help others in anyway she can.

I've always been amazed at how Kim has shared her life
with me. She never left me out when she was doing
anything with matter how little or old I was...
she was always making sure I was coming along.

When she found out that Jay and I were planning to
move up north and attend school to move Jay into a
new job career, it was only a few days until we got a
phone call from Kim... asking us if we needed a place to
live and offering to share their home with us. She, and
her family have brought wonderful blessings into
our families lives... especially this past year. Kim is
a little angel here on earth. She goes around trying
to do good... even for strangers. I watch her and I
appreciate her. She does not seem to have a sense of
"Awww" about anyone...or "judgment" about anyone either...everyone is equal it seems with Kim.
And it makes it so that she can serve others quite freely.

Kim has a natural sense of charity about her in many ways.
She is a good big sister and I love her!

Happy Birthday Kimmi !!!