Sunday, November 4, 2012

happy halloween

We made a zillion sugar cookies during
the month of October. It's tradition!
Here's Trey's very own cookie he made pretty much
 from start to finish! :)  
(watching the presidential debates in the background there)

Jayme was a kitty this year, again. She always likes
to dress up like a kitty and I think she is soooo cute!
She went to a stake halloween dance that night!
She also got to dress up for halloween day in her costume!

This is at Trey's school halloween carnival

We spotted Shaylee there, who had come along
with Kim that night. Shay took turns playing there
with us and Kim's family that evening. Here's
her "wand" balloon :)

The golf was a favorite game that evening


Trey holdinng so still while we take his face art picture

more golf !!

Then, a few days later, it was the actual day of halloween!!
We went to the elementary school to watch the
kids' costume parade!! There's Brooklyn as Rapunzle!

There's Treys class coming! His teacher was
dressed as a deer-hunter man or something!!

Trey !!!!

More of Trey's teachers! They are so cute !!

Kim and Macy were there !
Then, that night we went out Trick Or Treating!!
Our first house...Kim's !!

This is Trey's real halloween costume this year!
It is a scary scarecrow !!

The weather was PERFECT this year. It was in the
70's during the day !  I didn't even need a jacket , but
brought one along in case the evening cooled down
 later in the night while we were out :)

I totally didn't get a picture of Jayme that evening as
she was hurrying out the door with a friend to
go watch a movie with other friends. They weren't
dressed up halloween night. It was not what her
teenage friends had planned. Jayme had a great time
 having a fun party and just hanging out.

There were several home decorated for halloween !

This is a neighbor. It really is him dressed up,,, scaring all
 the brave kids who dared come up to his door.

We are ALL enjoying Trey's stash this year!!!!!