Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jay's new job !!!!!

This is the office at Adobe where Jay works!
It's called the "Fish Bowl"   
 It's an office that is almost completely surrounded
with glass walls :)

When Jay came home from his first day of work,
The kids and I surprised him with a fun
dinner.  We had fun celebrating our
excitement of Jay's new job with him.
(Jayme deleted the rest of the pics,
darn! They were so cute of the kids with Jay
that night at dinner)
We are so proud of Jay! He has worked so hard this
 past year working and in school every night.
He has done so well!! And to top it off.....
 we are so happy he found such a great job!!

At the end of Jay's second week and work,
It was time for Adobe's annual halloween
party! We had so much fun there!

Here's a bunch of pics from the party...


My sister-in-law, Carrie, was driving hay rides!
There was an aerialist there behind carrie!
The entertainment at the party was amazing :)

The kids loved to see all the treats that were
freely being handing out. They had all kinds
popcorn, churros, soda pop, ice cream cones, and
candy galore. My kids were in heaven ;)

The band playing. The Jazz dancers stood close to the band
and danced several different routines.

The Jazz dancers there keeping the crowd (waiting in line
for the haunted houses) entertained

The line wasn't hard to wait in because they had
entertainers all around keeping us busy.

They were taking free family photos on these
 cute hay stacks.

There were clowns.
There were also stunt performers, but I didn't get a picture
...they would bounce eachother on a teeter totter and
flip around and land on mats. It was cool.


Trey was sure brave!!

Here's the entrance into the Adobe building
spook alley which winded throughout both
Adobe buildings.

Spooky skeletons in many of the offices !
They  had a section that was themed around
 super heros! Here's the HULK locked up in an
Adobe office where he has obviously been 
smashing computers!!
This hallway in Adobe was themed "Plants vrs Zombies"
from a favorite game that we like to play on the computer.

Take a candy ...if you DARE

This section was themed "Lord of the Rings"

There was as cool waterfall at the end there,
I should have taken the picture there!

Inside the spiders cave

This section was "Hunger Games"
Pita's family bakery
This was on the "train". I wish I could have taken
more pictures of the train part of this theme. They
did a fantastic job!

The apple with Katniss arrow through it

There were Bees all down this hallway to walk through
Real grass there :) I loved that!
This is where practice of shooting with the bow and arrow
was taking place.

"My the odds ever be in your favor..."

"Pita" and "Katniss"

This was so cool, I should have taken more pics...
It was a neat western town theme. They had built
a cabin / Saloon. Inside it was totally decked out!

"Adobe land"

"Peter Pan" land...

"Wendy" and "nana" were scared of "Peter's" shadow

There's Peter Pan !
This section was scientific experiments themed

It was fun to see what was inside each
bottle (eyeball, fingers, etc)

There were so many other themed hallways
and rooms ....but I couldn't get pics of it all.
It was all picture worthy though!
Very well done!

Before we left, we got a hay ride

We are more than looking forward to next year's
halloween party at Jay's work place.

What a blast!

And, we are looking forward to watching Jay
 loving his new career field !