Sunday, November 4, 2012

LEHI cheerleaders

I enjoyed going, this past saturday, to my neices
 cheerleading competitions! 
Here is Sierra (holding the "Go" sign)

Steph, my sister, sitting by her friend (who is
our neighbor and also has a daughter cheering in
Sierra's group)

Sierra is 3rd on the left
There's Sierra in the middle with the long hair over her face

Kinda's my phone trying to zoom in!
Sierra is the 2nd row, 3rd back :)

Megan on the floor by the mat sitting by her friend
who is in a different cheer group watching the others perform.

Megan and Haileys group getting ready to come out

Megan in the front middle

Megan holding the "H".  Hailey to the right of Megan .

Megan holding the "Go"...Hailey to the right of her with
 her arms up.

Kim and Shaun
Jayme congratulating Hailey after the performance

Megan and Hailey's squad won 1st place in
their grade group!
Sierra's sqad also won 1st in their grade group!
 Here they are together!!
GO  LEHI !!!