Friday, November 2, 2012

"Let Your Light Shine"

Girls Camp was fun for Jayme!
I found these pictures and totally had forgotten
 to put them on our family blog.

Jayme went to Girls Camp a couple months ago,
in August, and is already talking about how
 she is wanting to go to next years Girls Camp.

SNIPE hunting

No fires this summer. So this
is how the girls roasted the
marshmellows :)

Megan wanted to be burried ;)
It was Hailey and Megans first
year to Girls Camp!

Kass !

Hailey !

This was Jayme's 4th year to
Girls Camp :)

Flowers that the girls made and
floated in the water that night!

Jayme LOVES Archery!!!

Here's the leaders :)  I wasn't able to go since
 I had to work. But, I did get to go last year before we
 moved up north. It has been fun to be serving in the
Young Womens organization at the same
time Jayme is in YW and be able
 to go to Girls Camp with her!

"What Would Shariece Do?"
Shariece is a young women in the ward who
is a good example and so Jayme always says...WWSD.
Jayme went out to Girls Camp with a "WWSD"
written on her hand! :)

To much fun!
I'm sure next years camp will be awesome too!