Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pumpkin Regatta....and Pumpkin Drop... !!!!

A couple saturdays ago, we drove to Sugarhouse Park
where Kyle, Jay's brother, hosted the Pumpkin Regatta!

Jayme with aunt Carrie

Kyle is trying to keep up with his wife, Carrie, who has the
lead at the moment in the race of their giant pumpkin boats!

Lots of races to watch! Anyone and 
everyone had a turn in the pumpkin boats
if they wanted to. It was fun to see the media
 there covering the event :)

Jay with nephew, Khabe

I loved all the crazy costumes there of those
who were racing

Then....the next week....we gathered again to
 watch the pumpkin drop in Pleasant Grove !

The next Saturday, we drove over to
 Pleasant Grove to Hee Haw Farms and
watched Kyle drop his giant pumpkins and
SMASH things!

We loved enjoying walking around Hee Haw Farms
 and seeing all the fun things there

Trey played in the corn box

We spent a long time feeding the animals

We enjoyed spending a long time watching the pumpkins drop!

Feeding animals

Jayme ! The kids loved
taking pictures at this
photo spot!

It was hard to catch them with their eyes open
 as the sun was brutal right there ;)

pumpkin heads!!

Kass, Trey, and Jayme on the slide

Trey climbing over the pumpkins

Trey flipping off the the bales of hay

The corn maze was super fun

Trey finding a pumpkin
Kass standing by a giant sunflower
I want to come back and check these flowers out
when they are in bloom!!
We felt like miniature people there among these flowers!

I love this picture of following Trey through the corn field

I loved that the corn went on and on!
Jayme was somewhere out there! She tried a
different path and clearly we weren't even on a
path anymore!! haha

I love this picture of Kass!

Back to watch some more
 giant pumpkins drop!

Here's my sister-in-law, Carrie, helping give out
prizes (tickets to ride the Heber Creeper)

This is what they call "pumpkin rain" !!  So awesome to watch!!

This is our second year having fun with Kyle's pumpkins!!

Can't wait until next year!!
(Trey with dad at the pumpkin regatta!)