Sunday, November 4, 2012


Shaun and Kim had some extra tickets to the Jazz game a couple
weeks ago. They were playing the Clippers. We went along
for the fun...

At one point, Kim asked me if I could find WALDO...
haha, yep...found him!

Kim and I

Fun to see Blake Griffen. He didn't play in the game.
It's pre-season and so they kept some of their
starting players on the
side lines.

Shaun's tickets were pretty much on the floor. Fun to sit
 so close and hear the team mates as they played. Here
are the Jazz dancers.

Kolbs, Trey, and Jay

The Jazz bear is always entertaining

The game was fun to watch and Jazz took the win!

I was excited to be there and also way excited for
 Trey to go to his FIRST basketball game :)