Sunday, November 18, 2012

Slaying Dragons Again.....

My man is my dragon slayer...he fights many battles for me.
The battle this time...FUEL PUMP.
This was a bigger dragon than Jay could handle, so
we needed another Knight in Shining Armor.
Ryan Proctor came to the rescue and offered to take this one on!
Ryan is a stud!  He came at the drop of the hat. Seriously. The
drop of the hat....on his day off. He called during the week
to schedule when this feat would be taking place.
Yesterday, during the rain, Ryan coached Jay and walked
him through changing/fixing our broken FUEL PUMP.
Ryan didn't say anything, but I saw bloody
knees and hands on him.
He fought a good fight. And he is amazing!
Our car is purring like a kitten again.
Jay and I are SO happy and grateful!!!
The auto shop quoted us a price of $600.00 for them to fix it.
Ryan quoted me the price of $45.00.
It ended up being $44.00 ...with change.  
Ryan is our new hero! 
The guys (below) battling the DRAGON...

I should have got a picture of when all the car
parts were laying out on the road.
FUEL PUMPs are not fun !!

My Knights in Sining Armor!!