Sunday, November 18, 2012

The outlets at Traverse Mountain

Last night, we got spontaneous and decided to
cruise over to the new outlets at Traverse Mountain.
The outlets were WAY awesome !!

My phone pictures do NOT do these new
outlets any justice. The outlets are so cool!
All kinds of stores and a nice restaurant.
We didn't see it all this time,
we were on a time limit.

We were bundled up but forgot an umbrella...
yes, we did get poored on a bit there :)
This part of the outlets is covered though.

Megan was a trooper! We walked her pretty far !

Trey and Megan loved all the outlets. We didn't even get
around to them all. We will be going back soon with

This christmas tree was HUGE! Looks like the
lights went out at part of the bottom section though.


We had such a great time walking around and
browsing in many stores. There are some serious sales...
galore right now!!!!  I need to get back over there and
do christmas shopping pronto!