Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We had a very Merry Christmas and are enjoying the holidays so much!!  We are feeling so blessed. Christmas time is a great time to look back at the past year and recognize  and remember all our blessings and to see how much the gospel, family, and friends bless our lives. We've had such an intense past year and half getting moved up north and having Jay start and finish school through that time. He was gone to work from 8am every morning, and he went to night school, so he didn't return home until 9pm in the evenings. It made for very long days. He did awesome though and we have been so proud of him. He got a job so fast after he finished school and we know that job was a complete blessing. We are house hunting now and excited for what the future can bring. The kids are happy and doing so well in school and all else. They have awesome friends and it's also so much fun to be living up north and spending so much time with the northern cousins.  We had an awesome Christmas with the kids and are loving that they are relaxing during this break from school. We have been enjoying the snow ...except not loving driving in it to work. Here is a little re-cap of our Christmas holiday.
Christmas Eve, I took this quick picture
out Kim and Shaun's back door. So pretty!
Jay was hoping we would get a
white Christmas! He was so happy the weather cooperated.

On Christmas Eve,
Jay took us to the Purple
Turtle for lunch

We enjoyed watching
Mr Krugar's Christsmas


"Pixie, Pixie, come RIGHT NOW!!"

Trey and Megan carrying
in the bags of gifts that
Pixie left at the
front door

Everyone opening their "Pixie" presents
Kass loved her new Pixie Pajamas !

Trey looking at the Nielson's new birds!!
Kolby surprised Megan and Hailey with
this fun Christmas gift!! And we hid them
on Christmas Eve in the basement with us
until the next morning!
Santa finally arrived !!

Early Christmas morning we found Trey out sleeping
 next to the tree :)

Jayme's #1 choice that she asked Santa for !!

Trey asked Santa for this BB Gun!!

Favorite Christmas gift!!! These boys played for hours
 and hours :)

This comforter set was a surprise for Jayme :)

Megan LOVES her bird !!

Shaun and Kim's family have a special traditional
Christmas dinner each year. This is on Christmas evening.
Jay and I have had the opportunity to get to be in on the dinner since we are right there in the house.
It is so amzingly yummy!
I was so excited for it and I was blown away
again this year. Such good food and fun.
I LOVE the gold spoons, forks, and knives!Too cool!

Trey finding his seat at the "kids table"


Then the day after christmas we had more SNOW...
 so the kids had fun sledding! This is in the dark and they
 were still going strong...