Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas party in Layton

We came up to Layton early that day so we could stop into
Deseret Book to say "Hi" to a friend of ours, Corbin, who acted
in the movie Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed.
 Also, My co-worker, Lory, wrote the book of which
that movie was based on.
So, Corbin and Lory were there signing autographs.
It was so fun to see them and chat for a bit!

After that, we went shopping to finish up on our Christmas
errands. We have been fortunate to find good prices
on the items that we have been looking for.
We have had fun getting our shopping done this year.

Soon, we arrived at Tammy and Mike's home in time
for the family Christmas PARTY to get started!

The boys so excited to open their gifts
from Grandma and Grandpa Fox and also
Grandma Darleen !


Trey giving Grandma Darleen a hug

Jayme with Grandma Darleen

The girls excited to open their presents !

Jay with Gage and Grandpa Fox

Tammy with Grandma Darleen

Grandma Fox with Maelie

Jay teasing his brother Jim

Tammy, Amy, and me

Grandpa and Grandma Fox

Trey and Rylund playing with their toys! They
had a blast all night with these remote control spiders!

Jim putting together Jackson's toy

Joelie playing with Maelie

The dinner was so yummy! We ate
Chili with scones, and lots of other
delicious side dishes.

Jerry and Amber's family came
and enjoyed the party too

Trey and Rylund playing under the desk
with their remote control toys across the floor!

We had a great time at the party!
Mike and Tammy are so awesome to have hosted this
at their home. Everyone had such a great time together!