Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fox/Mills Family Christmas Party !! These pics are from Tammy's camera and her post! Thanks Tam for your camera! We ate, laughed, had white elephant gifts, and fun! Thanks to all who came and had a great time with us...MERRY CHRISTMAS !

We had a BLAST with everyone and so glad that everyone
made the trip out to our home for some food, laughs, and fun !
Christmas is right around the corner now... !!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Catching up on recent wonderful family time...

Alan and Teri, so excited for
their daughter's wedding...it was fun to be with
them on this special happy day

Jay and I loved being with Stephanie and family
for her wedding in the SLC temple

Trey loved going with his dad to the BYU
games this season ! This was the last
home game

Trey with his cousins got to see Cosmo up close !

Jay always enjoys spending fun time with Jim

I loved this pic and couldn't resist taking it...
Trey working so hard to finish up homework...drifted off
 to sleep...late at night.

Another fun thing recently...
Jayme and I went to Time Out For Women
together in SLC

Jay and Trey were with Jayme and me up at
the Time Out conference. We stayed in a Hotel in SLC.
Jay took Trey to the Zoo while us girls were at the conference.

The Hotel room was nice.
There was a bed, a hideabed,
and a rollaway.

I ran into a work friend at the
Time Out

Trey enjoyed swimming at the Hotel

This was after church last sunday...TWINS

Jayme took some cute
pics of Trey out back

We had fun, as a family,
decorating for christmas

And before we knew it...it was time for

Trey getting loves from his cousins !

Kim and Shaun hosted Thanksgiving dinner..
I loved the placemats

We are fans of the COWBOYS..
and they won !

And we watched Charlie Brown's
Thanksgiving on TV

...and played games...and wrote missionary letters...

...and just enjoyed visiting

Trey wanted to see what all the fuss was about
"Black Friday"...so we drove him over to show him.

a blurry pic of Trey being excited to
see for himself all the crowds of crazy shoppers

We showed Trey the lines that went around the huge
building of shops. CRAZY people!!
And we waited for them all to enter the building and then
took Trey inside and showed him how busy the stores were.

On Black Friday, I worked. And Santa showed up too !

All in the office took turns giving Santa our requests!
Jay and Trey totally showed up at the same time as Santa
...so they got to give Santa their requests too!

Kass, Hailey, and Jayme drove to
my work to give Santa their requests too !

I love my pretty Jayme !