Friday, January 11, 2013

"Out with the with the NEW !"

Kim and Shaun hosted a fabulous
Many of the northern Utah family members were
able to come! It is fun to have Matt and Ashley here
with us and able to join in the the get-togethers now.

A pretty intense Zombie video game kept these 4 boys on
 their toes !!! They can all play together at the same time. It is so funny to watch them try and fight off these zombies. These 4 were heard screaming as the zombies
were chasing them. Super entertaining for sure. 

I caught these 4 playing their own version of Zombies! LOL
The cousins had lots of fun being together,
Soon, they were wearing garbage bags and
sledding around on anything snowy outside :)


And then....the countdown came....
And we all watched on TV as the
clock ticked 2012 away...and
brought in the new year of 2013 !!


We all celebrated that the new year is here!

What a fun time! Kim and Shaun know how to host a party
 and everyone had such a good time.
Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us all...

zombies !!!


So fun to visit all together !!