Sunday, February 10, 2013


Jay took me out for a lovely dinner date the
other night. The food was fabulous! 
It was at Thanksgiving Point...and it was to
celebrate looking back the past year and a half ..and
of accomplishments and good things happening
in our lives! Feelings of Gratitude!

We have had such amazing support from all
our family in cheering us on as we embarked
in this big new adventure these past couple of years to
move and change careers.

It has been one of the hardest things in our little
families lives and we have been so grateful to
everyone for their prayers and support for us in
so many different ways. The Nielson Family has
sacrificed to put a roof over our heads all this time and
have made so many good memories with our family.
Our kids play and entertain eachother every single day.
Mom and Dad, and Jay's parents,  have called and prayed and
helped us immensely in so many different ways through
all this time. Our northern families have made sure
to play with us and have lots of fun which we needed
to keep us laughing-- and have been so encouraging of
us with their kind and positive have been
the rest of our families that don't live up here by us.

We are SO grateful to both our sides of the family !
And the kids have made wonderful good friends which has
been such an amazing blessing and helped so much!
It was very hard for the kids to move up north and start over...again.  It didn't take long at all until they
 loved it here. And I'm so happy and relieved that they
love their lives here.

As we sat through dinner, we couldn't believe how fast
time has gone by. It didn't seem that way during the past
several months...but looking back, it sure does seem to
have flown by. And it's always easier too see more clearly
when looking backward. We see the struggle...and the
blessings more clearly in hindsight.

 Jay has done so well in working during the days and 
attending  night school while becoming certified in this
new career. Our lives have been, and still are, packed full...
and we feel we hardly have time to breath somedays...
let alone get everything done that needs to be done. We
know that most of everyone we know feels the same
pressures of the rush of their daily life schedules and
not having time to get everything done. And we take comfort
in knowing that so many can relate.
I tell Jay that I feel like I am "running" through my days
every single day. But I know that this is part of getting us
 to where we need to be. And I hope that we can find days that will slow down for us in our future.

We see clearly, looking back, Heavenly Fathers hand
in bringing blessings right in front of us.
There were days of discouragement...and then followed
by the blessing of people's love and kindess for us.
There were days of feelings of "limbo-lives"...and then
followed by the blessing where family suddenly decided
 to put together a fun gathering or double-date night...
and we felt the blessing of "belonging".
There were days of not enough energy...and then
 the blessing of the kids having patience with us -- and
 also the blessing of little acts of kindness from family...
like laundry being folded, or put into the dryer, or extra
food in the fridge, or a driveway being scraped clean,
or fuel pump being installed for near cost free, or a
kind word, or hug from even the smallest person in the house. Those small acts of kindess pushed us through and continue
 to push us through some of the energy-less days.

The job Jay found working at Adobe dropped, literally,
straight out from Heaven for him. It was another clear
blessing we recognize is from Heavnly Father. Jay has been there 3 months already and is learning so much.
They are putting him through more training, so he is
continuing to learn so much still.
My 2 part-time jobs (morning job in Draper and
afternoon job in Provo) are being replaced by
just one job...whew! I have loved my 2 jobs and all
the people I've met...but am happy to not be doing all
the commuting soon. So this change in job for me also
came as a blessing (the timing couldn't be more perfect).

We can't believe how fast the school year for the kids
has gone also. The kids are doing so well in school with
just over 3 months left.We are starting to build our new
house this month and should be moving into it by June.
We are excited that this new year will find us setteling in
to our permanant place and hope that we can find ourselves
 not "running" quite so hard completing the daily tasks.

We are so happy that we have a loving Heavenly Father
who watches over us all and has blessed us with such 
wonderful family and friends to enjoy this awesome
and crazy hard adventure called LIFE. We don't
know how to thank or repay all the kindness and loving
 acts that have been and are still continually shown to us.
We are so thankful to our Father in Heaven for ALL
we have in our lives.