Sunday, February 10, 2013

Super Bowl 2013

We enjoyed the Superbowl ...and loved especially the 2nd half of the football game since the score was closer.... with Brian, Sharla, Brandon, Justin, Andrea, and friend Zack.

Yummy ! Can't see it very good...
but Justin and Brian smoked up some
amazing Chicken wings !


"Brigham Beer" was one of the highlights.

I'm not sure if they knew is was really only Rootbeer :) jk

Zack had a mini crush on me that day. He kept
telling me that he thought I was pretty, and he kissed
my had a few times.
Justin was good to play with Zack and
do some wrestling with him.

Sharla kept us busy with yumminess !!
This is cookie dough !

...and this was cookie sundaes..yum!

The Ravens won and that is who we were
cheering the Superbowl was a
success !!...  And so was the party with that
fun Graf family!!